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We are the Correa Family!

Correa Family Schnauzers is an in-home hobby breeder of healthy, well-mannered and highly intelligent Miniature Schnauzer puppies. Our pups are part of our family and we care for them dearly.

We started breeding our wonderfully tempered dogs in 2021. Originally we did not plan to operate as a professional Dog Breeder, we just wanted a wonderful pet for ourselves. 

After extensive research about the breeding process and ethical breeder mentorship, we decided to do our part to better the miniature schnauzer breed and share our well tempered puppies with our community.

Why Choose Us?

As a an ethical breeder, we go above and beyond for our puppies. We aren't just here to bring puppies into this world, but we are raising them with ENS, socialization, every day exposures and a house full of love to prepare for a successful future.


Early Neurological Stimulation

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) is a daily routine we have incorporated to raising our puppies. We practice this routine from days 3-16 to help aid with their development, resilience and coping mechanisms. 

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Socialization is crucial for puppies under eight weeks of age. We introduce our puppies to new people, different ethnicities, ages and sizes to get them comfortable with everyone. It is important to continue socialization once puppy comes home. 


Everyday Exposures

We introduce puppies to every day sites, sounds and smells. Children laughing, children crying, cleaning tools, hairdryer and every day home activities to get puppies comfortable with all types of sounds and movements. 

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One Stop Shop for Puppy Supplies

We know shopping for your new puppy can be overwhelming, so we put together some of our favorite products, all in one place for you to browse, get ideas and shop!

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